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Elk City MarCorp Project
Elk City MarCorp Project


MarCorp was excited to be a part of this “new era” environmentally friendly 3.2 megawatt power plant. Making this project extremely unique is the fact that this plant is not fired by coal or natural gas. It is powered by trash; methane gas to be specific. Methane is being extracted from the landfill site located in Elk City, Nebraska, owned by Waste Management Inc. This methane is then, in turn, being used by Omaha Public Power District to turn massive turbines. The end result, 32 total megawatts of electricity. Enough power to supply 2000 homes. Our tasks at hand was to install the entire electrical system required to make the system work. The installation ranged from the most detailed control wiring, to the actual 15 thousand-volt terminations that tie to OPPD’s power grid.

  • “MarCorp’s crew was outstanding in all aspects and through all phases of construction of the power plant. Their ideas and ingenuity were a great help in making a highly complicated and detailed project go smoothly. Mark (owner of MarCorp) was always available and spent a lot of time on the site. Brent and Brett (MarCorp Lead Men) were organized and efficient.”

    Joe McIntyre, Field Foreman
    TV John & Sons
  • “This was our first venture with MarCorp. We were extremely happy with the outcome and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

    Tim Nelson, Vice President
    TV John & Sons
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